The Metra Air Recycling Aspirator – Efficiency and Innovation in Action

8 May 2024

The Metra Air Recycling Aspirator represents a breakthrough in cleaning technology, combining efficiency with unparalleled quality. The biggest feature of this machine is that it has its own fan, which can separate light impurities in grain by air self-circulation and suction.

Grain particles enter the hopper, and fresh air will not enter the suction duct from the feeding port due to accumulation.

Under the rolling of the roller feeder, grain particles are sent into the suction duct. Under the action of the circulating air flow, the light impurity particles are sucked into the separation area and then into the centrifugal separator. Here, the light impurity particles are separated from the air flow and fall into the dust chamber, and then the screw conveyor pushes them horizontally to one end to be discharged through the pressure door air shutter. Impurities go out through Impurity-out section.

The centrifugal fan sucks the air away, and then returns to the suction duct for circulation through the return duct. And the heavy grain purified by air suction flows into the material outlet, and the material door is opened by the material weight function, thus the material is discharged. Featuring an advanced dust removal system and state-of-the-art electronic controls, the Metra Air Recycling Aspirator not only maximizes yield but also protects the environment.

With its impressive efficiency, time-saving setup, and ease of use, the Metra Air Recycling Aspirator turns grain cleaning into a seamless and profitable process.

Join the revolution in grain cleaning. Choose Metra ARC-400/800/2000 by Metra Grain Cleaners. Clean grain, brighter future!

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