Metra Group — Manufacturer of Grain Cleaners

We sell equipment to any type and size farm.

Metra Group manufactures, sells and delivers grain cleaning equipment worldwide.

We work with clients on any budget. From small farms to large agricultural corporations, including exporters. When manufacturing our grain cleaners, we focus on the unique needs of each client.

We are enhancing market standards by proving that grain cleaners are not necessarily expensive. We have various options for equipment— from economical models to multifunctional, pre-programmed models with multi tasking capabilities.

At Metra Group we get things done.

We can set up your equipment on the spot or remotely

Our Aerodynamic separators are easy to operate and do not require any complex settings. Color sorters are capable of being set up remotely through the built-in tablet.

We provide training with our equipment

Our equipment is easy to operate. We'll walk you through the process.

Complementary lifetime technical support

Call, write or visit our office and we'll answer all of your questions or concerns and resolve any issue within 10 minutes.

Factory warranty is up to

3 years

See the contract
Factory warranty: 1 year

Average lifetime of color sorter:
20+ years
Factory warranty: up to 3 years

Average lifetime of aerodynamic grain cleaner & pre-cleaner:
30+ years

We will exchange all parts under the warranty

Over 3000 farmers

get the most profit out of their harvest thanks to Metra grain cleaning equipment

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