Aerodynamic grain cleaners with cyclone dust collector

Careful processing of grain using a laminar airstream, without damaging the grain
Guaranteed germination increase up to 98%
Changing from one commodity to the next takes as little as 5 minute

We offer a wide variety of grain cleaners from 200-8 000 bu/h or 5-200 t/h available

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Metra is able to clean any grain regardless of type or size

From easy to complex impurities, insects, Vomitoxin, fusarium and other harmful funguses.

All machines come with special rubber padding within the separation chamber. The grain will not be harmed or damaged while processing

All in one-cleaning and calibrating

Replaces a several grain cleaners configured in one technological line. Cleans and calibrates grain into different fractions.

Premium cash grain
You receive 90% of grain which has the best value and can be sold for top dollar
Ideal sowing seeds
Germinate and mature simultaneously which gives you up to 30% better yields
Feed grain
Usually less than 10% of feed grain
The machines are suitable for operation both indoors and outdoors
No need to waste time cleaning up after using the separator
All dust and small particles are collected by the Cyclone Dust Collector for non grain waste and are discharged through a channel into separate tays via the airstream

Improved design saves on maintenance and reduces noise during operation

30% lower electrical consumption
Lower electrical consumption vs like type separators
Reliability and engine protection
The frequency converter protects from voltage surges allowing the motor to start and stop smoothly
Loud noise canceling
The separator will work as quiet as a refrigerator, around 57 dB

Factory warranty is — up to

3 years

See the contract
Average lifetime of aerodynamic grain cleaners with cyclone dust collector
30+ years

We will exchange all parts under the warranty

A quick questionnaire will determine the most suitable model for your needs

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What type of grain do you grow?
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Metra Grain Cleaners work with any any type of grain. It takes just a few minutes to go from one commodity to another.

Depending on your production volume we will match the optimal model for your needs.

We have Aerodynamic grain cleaners with the capacity form 40 to 4000 Bu/h (1-100 t/h), Color Sorters from 40 - 800 Bu/h (1-20 t/h) and air-screen grain cleaner from 2400-12000 bu/hr (60-300 t/h).

We will match the right Grain Cleaner unique to your needs.

Metra separates grain from light to heavy impurities, infected and damaged grain. As well as calibrating grain based on its relative density.

Once in stock - we deliver within 3-5 days. Out of stock equipment delivery time is between 2-8 weeks.
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