Compact Pre Cleaner for pre-cleaning grain and bulk solids

Cleans grain twice as fast with one pass vs competitive pre-cleaners

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The pre cleaner increases quality and speed of subsequent cleaning of various commodities

Cereal Grain
Legumes seeds
Vegetable seeds
Gourds seeds
Cleans grain by separating the large impurities such as weeds, straw, leaves and stems

Due to the variable speed of the rotating screen you can adjust the productivity of the precleaner to match that of the grain cleaner and build a production line consisting of several machines
For example, you can carry out preliminary and primary cleaning simultaneously

Factory warranty is — up to

3 years

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Average lifetime of pre cleaner
30+ years

We will exchange all parts under the warranty

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Metra Grain Cleaners work with any any type of grain. It takes just a few minutes to go from one commodity to another.

Depending on your production volume we will match the optimal model for your needs.

We have Aerodynamic grain cleaners with the capacity form 40 to 4000 Bu/h (1-100 t/h), Color Sorters from 40 - 800 Bu/h (1-20 t/h) and air-screen grain cleaner from 2400-12000 bu/hr (60-300 t/h).

We will match the right Grain Cleaner unique to your needs.

Metra separates grain from light to heavy impurities, infected and damaged grain. As well as calibrating grain based on its relative density.

Once in stock - we deliver within 3-5 days. Out of stock equipment delivery time is between 2-8 weeks.
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