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Metra ADS-200-CDC Cleaning Flax seed
Canada. Alberta
This is a Metra grain cleaner that I picked up this year to clean some of my flax and oats, and I'm quite excited about how it worked. I built a trailer for it and a hopper and a couple electric augers.
Metra Grain Cleaner for Popcorn
Lucky Dirt Co
Super happy with how this worked out. Still have some fine-tuning of course yet to do, but, this machine is really going to help just make things more consistent, and just speed up our process for all the growing demand.
Color Sorter Metra 6AS 680
Dvorak Farm Services
We do seed cleaning and recently we purchased a color sorter here, a 10 chute outfit. Artem helped us get it set up, and now if you'd like, I'd be happy to show you how it works.
Best Way to Clean Ergot in Durum Wheat
Beach, North Dakota
We will be showing you today a sample we have received. And that is a durum, with some ERGOT with it. We will be using our color sorter to show you how to separate durum with ERGOT and how to get awesome results.
Metra Grain Cleaner ADS-200 and Color Sorter 6AS-68
Claire, Michigan
Well, this machine seems to be doing everything. We need a dark, larger seed separated and the real light seeds are separated off. And that's what we are after and that's what it's done for us today.
Hemp Seeds From Biomaterial
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John Hudgins
Weldon, NC
I run Organic Production Services. We had been using ADS 2000 CDC running 100 tons per day through it for 4 months. Now we are going up to ADS 6000 CDC. Runs good, no problems, very satisfied. We are an organic soybean crushing facility in NC.
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Kyle Schminke
Iowa, USA
Wow what a product! I was just going to rent the machine for a week but after using it for just a few bushel I know that it was well worth the money. Probably one of the simplest machines I’ve ever had. Great product, Anna was awesome to work with.
Harry Simmons
North Dakota, USA
I’m very happy with the finished product that we were able to achieve with the separator, and in fact would like to just make the purchase. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for our seed contract payment to come through for this year. We finished everything we have right now, but will have 3-4 times more next year.

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