Metra Vibration Grain Cleaner helps clean grain from dirt and debris

Has a double screen for better grain cleaning results
Can be used to clean large and small, light miscellaneous grain material
All-purpose design
Cleaning and selecting various types of grain including beans, oil seeds, coffee beans and cereals
Brilliant results in a matter of minutes
Characterized by higher efficiency due to innovative construction

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Metra is able to clean any grain regardless of type or size

From easy to complex impurities, insects, Vomitoxin, fusarium and other harmful funguses.

Features of
Metra VDSC
- cleaning and calibrating

It can be mounted in a small space. High capacity, low noize and low power consumption
Sieve pores are difficult to be blocked thanks to the automatic cleaning device
Fast mountings and easy maintenance due to construction peculiarities and goog sealings
A simple adjustment to provide operations you need from removing dust to calibrating seeds by size
Cleaning and selecting various types of raw material including beens, oilseeds, coffee beans and cereals
Option vertical aspirator has high efficiency of removing light impurities from dust
Its high efficiency helps much when it comes to the process of cleaning grainmaterials from debris and dirt
The principle of its work is using vibrations of a certain intensity and direction to provide pre-cleaning and cleaning grains and seeds, grading by size, removing large and small impurities, and dust.
What Type of Material Can Be Cleaned by Metra VDSC Vibration Cleaner
This item suits almost all types of grains including wheat, rice, millet, corn. It can be also used for beans and other legumes, nuts etc. It provides both with the separation of dirt, dust and debris. Seed calibration by size due to its different specifications of the screen.

For every specializing
in the cultivation of
cereals and legume it
could be used in the
following areas

On elevators
for pre-cleaning grain before, for example, drying or storing raw grain.
On mills
where the process of pre-cleaning of a raw grain is highly required.
In the food industry
to provide high-quality grain selection and cleaning.

Factory warranty

1 year

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Average lifetime of vibration cleaner
20+ years

We will exchange all parts under the warranty

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Metra Grain Cleaners work with any type of grain. It takes just a few minutes to go from one commodity to another.

Depending on your production volume we will match the optimal model for your needs.

We have Aerodynamic grain cleaners with the capacity form 40 to 4000 Bu/h (1-100 t/h), Color Sorters from 40 - 800 Bu/h (1-20 t/h).

We will match the right Grain Cleaner unique to your needs.

Metra separates grain from light to heavy impurities, infected and damaged grain. As well as calibrating grain based on its relative density.

Once in stock - we deliver within 3-5 days. Out of stock equipment delivery time is between 2-8 weeks.
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