Sixth generation of innovative Color Sorters

Superior separation
68 injectors VS 64 — won't let a single impurity through.
Remote control capability
If you need help, we can remotely link with your device and provide assistance.
Full package without the additional cost
Air compressor, Air dryer and Air Tank are included.

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Up to 30 programmed settings for any of your tasks

Our color sorters can be set up for various grains, depending on color
We can pre-program our color sorters in accordance with your unique requirements
Our equipment is also able to separate plastic, glass, tea, nuts and much more

Factory warranty

1+ year

See the contract
Average lifetime of color sorters
20+ years

We will exchange all parts under the warranty

A quick questionnaire will determine the most suitable model for your needs.

Answer a few questions, and we will match a unique machine that is right for you.

What type of grain do you grow?
What is the volume of grain that needs to be cleaned annually?
What type of impurities are in your grain/what are your sorting needs?
How soon would you like to obtain a grain cleaner?
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our specialist
Metra Grain Cleaners work with any type of grain. It takes just a few minutes to go from one commodity to another.

Depending on your production volume we will match the optimal model for your needs.

We have Aerodynamic grain cleaners with the capacity form 40 to 4000 Bu/h (1-100 t/h), Color Sorters from 40 - 800 Bu/h (1-20 t/h).

We will match the right Grain Cleaner unique to your needs.

Metra separates grain from light to heavy impurities, infected and damaged grain. As well as calibrating grain based on its relative density.

Once in stock - we deliver within 3-5 days. Out of stock equipment delivery time is between 2-8 weeks.
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