Different Types of Grain Cleaners: From Basic to Advanced Systems

29 April 2024

At its core, the grain cleaning process involves removing foreign seeds, stones, dust, pollutants, and other impurities that can affect grain quality and market value. A clean grain not only fetches a better price but also ensures high-quality products for consumers.

Basic Grain Cleaning Techniques

Air Flow Cleaning

The most basic grain cleaners utilize screens and air cleaning to sift through grains, removing larger impurities based on size and lighter ones through air recycling aspirators. These systems, such as the aerodynamic grain cleaner and air recycling aspirator, are straightforward yet effective for small-scale operations. 

Air cleaning technology combines air blowers with screen decks to remove both large and small impurities. Efficiently clean a wider range of grain types by adjusting air flow and screen sizes. Can be tailored to specific grains and contaminants by changing screens and air settings.

Aspirators use air suction to remove light, non-grain materials such as chaff and dust.Effective as an additional step to enhance grain cleanliness, especially after other cleaning processes.

Advanced Grain Cleaning Systems

Optical Color Sorters

Optical color sorters represent a leap in technology, using sensors to detect and remove impurities based on color and shape. Similarly, aerodynamic seed separation techniques leverage the physical properties of grains for a more precise cleaning process. Employ advanced optical sensors to detect and separate grains based on color and shape variations. Crucial for removing grains affected by fusarium, vomitoxin, and other quality-compromising conditions.


PreCleaners are designed to remove coarse and larger impurities from grains before they undergo further detailed cleaning processes. They typically employ a combination of sieving and air flow to efficiently separate large debris such as straw, sticks, and oversized or undersized grains from the main crop. Ideal for a wide range of agricultural products including wheat, corn, soybeans, rice, and other grains and seeds that may contain larger pieces of debris from the harvesting process. By removing larger impurities early in the process, PreCleaners significantly increase the efficiency of subsequent cleaning stages, allowing for a more thorough final product.

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The selection of a grain cleaner machine  or system is a critical decision for farmers. Whether opting for a basic seed cleaner or an advanced aerodynamic grain cleaner with cyclone dust collector, the goal remains the same: to produce high-quality grains that meet market criteria and support sustainable agriculture.

By understanding the various types of grain cleaning, farmers can enhance their operational effectiveness, reduce maintenance costs, and contribute to an ecologically responsible and sustainable agriculture sector.

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