Beware of fakes: the real Metra is inexpensive!

11 December 2020

Sometimes buying a fake seems like a good idea: for example, a watch for $10 looks almost the same as a $10,000 watch (at least the first couple of days when your friends see it). But, if we talk seriously about the complex technologies, then no counterfeit thing has justified itself: the invested money does not pay off, because of frequent breakdowns and low efficiency.

This is also true for the grain cleaner “Metra”, which has a unique price-quality ratio on the market, it can increase your harvest yields by third and its protected by US and European patents. The paradox is that sellers of fake products, imitating a unique technology, and their cost is higher than original. But it’s not just overpayment. Here’s why you should beware of fakes:

But it’s not just overpayment. Here’s why you should beware of fakes:

  • the unique aerodynamic system of “Metra” requires a special assembly technology, patented in the US and the world, which is not available from the counterfeiting manufacturers;
  • violation of the geometry and dimensions of parts leads to loss of cleaning and calibration quality;
  • incorrect manufacturing technology leads to unexpected equipment failure;
  • counterfeit machines consume much more energy.

Only the real grain cleaner “Metra”, which develops the patented aerodynamic technology for 17 years, today presents the best price-quality ratio in the market and is capable of:

  • pay off three times per season;
  • completely clear your crop of any impurities;
  • gently and accurately calibrate and divide the grain in grades, selecting the most biologically valuable seeds with a germination of 99%;
  • replace three types of grain cleaning machinery;
  • consume a minimum of energy;
  • Separate any kind of cereals — from poppy seeds to beans and chickpeas.

Unlike forgeries, the performance of the original “Metra” is guaranteed from 147 to 3670 bushels per hour, depending on the model, so it is not difficult to choose the right one for your farm. In this case, you do not need:

  • special maintenance;
  • any lubricants;
  • deal with sieves;
  • special setting;
  • trained staff;

In order not to make a serious mistake and not be tormented later with a broken inefficient technique, contact only official “Metra” dealers who will issue an official warranty for your purchase. Find your dealer here and order your grain cleaner today!

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