Why does a farmer need Metra?

11 December 2020

As calculated in the Ministry of Agriculture, 90% of the total number of US farms that produce 26% of agricultural products in the US have difficulty maintaining liquidity and are forced to seek additional income outside of work on the land.

Is there a way out of this situation and is it possible to raise the incomes of a small family farm so that you do not have to look for money on the side? Yes, three:

  • Reduction of costs;
  • Diversification of production;
  • Application of modern technologies.

At the same time, the purchase of new equipment that based on innovative technologies can meet all three of the listed methods. Indeed, the purchase of a multifunctional grain cleaner ‘’Metra’’ and its regular use will help to reduce losses in cleaning and sorting of grain, will give an opportunity to engage in additional poultry and livestock production, and a unique system of aerodynamic processing allows not only accurately calibrate the seed and thereby increase its germination capacity by 35%, but and prepare it well for storage.

At the same time, the purchase will not be ruinous – today “Metra” is the most profitable offer in the market in its class and is capable of providing a triple return on investment in just one year! In addition, it does not require any additional investment:

  • No costs for staff training – turn it on and work;
  • No special maintenance required;
  • Does not need a lot of energy to work;
  • Special conditions for transportation and storage are not required.

After purchase, the farmer immediately gets the opportunity to:

  • Qualitatively clear the grain from litter, including grains damaged by insects, fungi and other diseases;
  • With high precision, to divide the grain by species and grades – several levels of air flows are used for this;
  • Select the most biologically valuable grain from the central part of the ear, which gives 99% germination – this makes it possible to raise the yield to 40%;
  • Gently dry the grain by 2% per pass;
  • Use low-grade grain and sow to feed cattle and poultry on your farm and organize the production of organic eggs and milk.

And all this (and not only!) the farmer receives with the purchase of just one “Metra” machine, the model range of which allows for a processing speed of 200 to 8000 bushels per hour!

However, it should be noted that these “Metra”, whose technology is protected by US and European patents, can only be purchased from authorized dealers. You can find them here: https://metragraincleaner.com/delivery.html

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