Real experience using grain cleaning machines Metra ADS 2000 & ADS 4000

15 February 2023

Video feedback with Tony. He’s our dear customer. There was a little history to our relationship. He wanted originally the large unit 4000. And we usually don’t keep it in stock. So we provide him with the 2000 bushels to our unit. He’s been using that for a while. And then we brought him in a couple of months. We brought him actually a larger unit. And we are here to ask a few questions.

– Let me ask you, how did you hear about us originally? Do you remember?

– So at first when you started, did you have doubts? And is that machine right for you? What were your thoughts about it?

– So practically you bought the unit. You invested a significant amount of money. Do you think you return your investment and how quickly that happened?

– So between the price, you would sell it with Aflatoxin. And clean it was like, what, five, five and a half dollars? – The reality is it’s not even an investment. It’s like a money maker. Would you buy it again? Would you buy the same model?

– So would you recommend that machine to your fellow farmers up there? Would you feel comfortable recommending the product?

– And do you have any plans? Like maybe make it mobile? What are your plans with this unit?

– Usually, we recommend to do up to 2000 bushels with a mobile version. But the reality is 4000 units without the cyclone, it’s not really that huge. It can be easily mobile and you can take it to any location you go. How far that location is?

– So practically you’re going to clean right there. 12 miles right there. Store right there. So you save that trip right every thousand bushels back and forward kind of that’s right?

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