Metra color sorter is the best way to clean ergot in durum wheat.

14 July 2023

We will be showing you today a sample we have received, from North Dakota. And that is a durum, with some ERGOT with it. We will be using our color sorter to show you how to separate durum with ERGOT and how to get awesome results. 

In our sample you can see is quite a bit of ERGOT here, a decent amount and it’s all kind of chunks. Bigger one, smaller one. That’s what makes it impossible, almost impossible to clean using any avid technology. So the best way to separate this would be by color, and this is what we’re gonna do now. 

We use the smallest one for the demo, so it doesn’t have to be that small. You can actually have a big machine. Well as you can see all the argot is right here and it’s a lot of it. It’s no way that would pass the elevator. And here we go. Our clean durum. As you can see, it’s all nice and clean.

With a high, high purity. So that durum would make number one at the elevator and get you the most, the best price. 

So if you have ERGOT in your wheat durum, barley, anything, the best technology you can use to clean it out, that would be a color sorter and a Metra color sorters is a six generation color sorters with very high pixels cameras, that’s the newest technology on the market. As you can see, the purity is very high and all the ERGOT is right here. So for better results, I recommend color sorter.

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