The Grain Cleaner Metra

2 December 2020

The Metra separator grain cleaner-4 is a product of Metra company and boasts of a revolutionary breakthrough in the farming business. The machine is powered by a high-frequency generator. The desirable quality of the grains can be regulated for each fraction. It boasts of a unique technology that allows you to sort your grains in terms of weight, size and biological value all in one machine.

The sorting section has 5 different sections. Light mixtures like husks and dust fly out to the air discharging section. The first mixture receives a stone and all the heavy impure mixtures. The fifth and fourth sections receive wheat dockage i.e. weed seeds, chaff, straw or grain other than wheat. The third section receives the ideal cash grains. The second section receives the premium planting seeds which are healthy and uniform. The grains are of equal size and weight, have biological value and germination energy.

All kind of cereals including barley, wheat, and soybeans have an ideal uniform sprout equally grow and simultaneously mature at the same time. This presents the best harvest results and yields possible by up to 30%.

This type of technology enables Grain Cleaner Metra to make grain cleaning so easy, saving the farmer time and money. It also helps save logistic cost due to its mobility and ability to work in different kinds of humidity. They also sort the harvest right off the field. It replaces 3 different high priced and high maintenance grain cleaning equipment into one machine. Thanks to the unique aerodynamic technology, the machine requires very low maintenance and has a low electricity and power consumption.

The machine is low priced and so convenient to use whilst requiring low maintenance cost. It is a must have for large-scale farmers and small-scale farmers alike.

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