Metra Color sorter – sorting Hemp seeds

21 July 2023

Hey guys. So, uh, Arthur here from wanted to uh, do a little bit of more sorting using hemp as the sample, we were able to, uh, pre-clean it first using our air cleaner, and now we have a task. So we wanna separate the darker-looking seeds from the lighter seeds cause they have a higher germination rate. So the darker, the more mature the seeds are. And as you can see, they’re all mixed up over here using our Metra 6as-68 color sorter. We’re gonna go ahead and feed the sample to see how we can separate, okay, following.

We feed the machine followed by a very simple one-step process, which just requires us to click run. So the machine starts running through a gentle vibration, dropping the seeds to the 68 channels that are fed through the white light front and rear camera that tells the seats to go left or right. It works on accept and decline process.

So now let’s take a look at the result that we have. Here we have the lighter seeds, as you can see there is definitely more of them and a clearly visible difference with the darker-looking seeds. So this is really what we want. These are the higher germination, darker seeds. They’re uh, they’re heavier, they’re larger, they’re also darker. These are immature, lighter-looking seeds, and they are not as good. Here we have it.

Thank you very much. The Metra color sorter 6as-68. Once again, this is Arthur from Thank you.

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